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River Stone's 24 Day Challenge

The River Stone Shiatsu Center is excited to offer a way out!  A way out of the mundane life that leaves us tired, over weight, stressed, depressed, and no longer truly living!


We're happy to introduce you all to the amazing world of AdvoCare.

AdvoCare, the leader in nutrition and supplements, and backed by doctors and The NFL, has been helping people to live the life they've always dreamed of.

The River Stone is offering a truly unique opportunity that involves this amazing company.

If you, through The River Stone, purchase a customized

"24 Day Challenge", AdvoCare's signature program that helps you to lose weight, gain energy, and just feel better all over, The River Stone will give you (1) 60 minute massage and (1) 45 miniute Shiatsu session as a jump start reward for taking your next step in your path to amazing health.

This is a deal that ONLY The River Stone Shiatsu Center is offering.  AdvoCare has changed the lives of so many individuals.  How about you?  Ready for a change?

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes!

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