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The path of "Little Magic"

Mike Shimizu

Sennin-So Shiatsu, translated as "Little Magic", is the rare healing art that Master Sengo Shimizu brought to Seattle from Japan before World War II.  It has been passed down through his family for what is believed to be over 30 generations.  His son, Mike Kazunori Shimizu, took over his shiatsu practice when Sengo passed away.  Sengo's name plate still resides upon the office door that Mike Shimizu now operates out of and has been since the 80's.

Mike, himself, is a staple in the Seattle community healing the many citizens of the Seattle area and the founder of multiple charities are just a small portion of what makes Mike Shimizu an amazing man.  His ability through Sennin-So Shiatsu is rivaled by none, as he has blown the minds of the smartest in the medical field and frustrated even more... including his students.

In 2008, Adam Hewitt, the founder of The River Stone Shiatsu Association, began training under Mike.  His training saved Adam's life and career.  Mike taught him more about the body then he could have ever anticipated.  Sennin-So Shiatsu has less then 20 practitioners in the entire world and, as such, Mike asked those he trained to never let his family's art die.

In the promise to continue to learn, grow, and pass this amazing art on for many years to come, Adam started The River Stone Association with that goal in mind.  Today, The River Stone Shiatsu Association works to pass on the teachings of Master Shimizu in hope to honor him, his father, and all those before them who have helped cultivate this amazing healing art.

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