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Shiatsu for Athletes


Athletes of all types ask the most of their body to continue doing what they love.  Whether it is just for fun, out to set a physical goal to lose weight, or you're a professional athlete, you cannot achieve success if your body isn't working efficiently.  Here is a list of specific athletes and their common ailments that Sennin-So Shiatsu can significantly help.

Athletes that Use a Dominant Hand for the Sport:  Baseball, Football, Tennis and etc.


Balance is the ultimate key to existence and vital for an athlete.  You can't have too much of one thing without its counterbalance.  If you do, you'll end up with one extreme which requires an opposite extreme to bring everything back into balance.  Extremes, in this case... mean injuries.


Sports, where you use one hand significantly more then the other, creates this imbalance.  When minor pain begins to develop in the arm that is used most, the average health practitioner tries to fix the symptom by going after the symptom.  Wanna know what your body is really saying?  "Please use the other arm."


Movement helps blood travel more efficiently.  When you use one side and not the other, the side that gets all the movement will end up with more volume of circulation then the tissue can handle while you use it.  Muscles will literally get bigger and smaller depending on the volume of blood flow inside the tissue.  What happens to a balloon if it is filled with too much water?  Pop!


Common ailments alleviated:  Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Tension, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Prevention of Muscle Tearing in Dominant Arm.

Cardiovascular Athletes
Athletes who require their bodies to withstand an enormous strain while exercising or performing in long distance activities are in dire need of a healthy circulatory system!  A healthy flow of circulation throughout the legs and feet is vital for everything, especially for runners!  And just because you run, it doesn't mean everything is flowing perfectly fine.
The greatest benefit that Sennin-So Shiatsu can give a triathlete or marathon runner, besides prevention of injuries, is a quicker path to their "second wind".  The "second wind" is that portion of their event when the sluggish, tired body that started the race is over and a more exuberant body continues on.  What many don't realize is that the first 10 to 15 minutes of the event has the body's circulatory system trying to flush itself completely through.  Once it has done that, the body feels alive.  Sennin-So Shiatsu un-restricts the congested points throughout the body which helps the athlete get to that "more alive" state much faster.  That first 10-15 minutes is where injuries commonly occur.
Common ailments alleviated:  Hamstring Tension, Calf Tension, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain, and Shin Splints.
Weight Training
The Amount of stress and strain that those who call the gym their "second home" do to their body is tremendous!  They, like many athletes, ask much of their body.  But make sure that you're giving the body the environment it needs to continue to train and not injure the muscles.  Afterall, injuring yourself while weight training will only set you back months.  And no one wants that.
Muscles require blood and oxygen pumping in a balanced state to work their best.  The most common weight trainer is stagnant all throughout their core, thus depleting the amount of oxygen needed to release the constant lactic acid produced during training.  When the lactic acid settles around the body, specifically close to the joints, the circulatory system is then blocked, creating a back pressure into muscles closer to the core and leaving the individual prone to damaging the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints.  Like in all things, balance is key.  Trying to get stronger without having good circulation will literally have you going backwards.
Common ailments alleviated:  Chronic Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Numbness, Leg Tension, Decreased Range of Motion, Neck Pain, and Sore Muscles.
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