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Shiatsu for the Average American


You can't escape it.  Our culture is drowning in reasons why the machine we call the human body is no longer working efficiently.  Whether it comes from the food and drinks you consume that changes your body's pH and pollutes the system with toxins that the body is working tirelessly to clean, the constant stress that never leaves your side, or the medications you've been convinced are the only way to get better, you have an uphill battle that in most cases leaves the average person wondering why they can't ever get any better.  Little changes are what is needed to make the largest differences. We can show you how to go about these little changes.


In order to achieve proper health, a routine of proper habits must come to light.  Proper diet, exercise, and bodywork is really the majority of what the body needs to sustain a good bill of health for the average American. Only you can make the changes needed for better health.


Here are some of the major factors that limit your body's ability to heal:


The number one killer of our society.  The average person lives with stress like they were married to it.  Stress, and the reactions it causes throughout the body, is by far the largest variable to one's unhealthy status.  You can correct course and achieve a healthier body by handling stress better, but it isn't easy.  The Practitioners at The River Stone will show you what stress is doing to your body and how to better handle it.


You've been convinced how to eat, then told what pills to take in order to handle the consequences of what you ate and how you ate it.  Best marketing plan man has ever conjured up.  There are aspects of eating that many have never heard of and most couldn't begin to understand how important your digestive system is to your health.  Let us guide you on the proper path to a healthy digestive system and overall body.  Once established, the energy the body emits is truly impressive!


It's in everything these days.  It's in the bread of your hamburger, in the "100% Juice" drink your kids consume, it's in the milk you think is good for your body, and on and on.  Limitting the sugar is vital for better health.  You wont be completely free of it all, but you can make a major dent in its role in your life.  Come in and learn how you can balance the side effects of this destructively delicious drug.  Yes, it's a drug!


As a society, we spend far too much in a stagnant state of being.  Whether it is in a car all day, wearing shoes that restrict proper movement of the foot, and as such, proper blood flow, or vegging on a couch all day long doing nothing but stagnating our own life force, it cannot continue if we want to be healthy.  That isn't living, no matter how many think it is.  Doing nothing on a regular basis is the quickest way to doing nothing... 6 feet under the ground.

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