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 Workshop Testimonials 

Student Testimonials (5)

25 Eki

What initially interested me in taking this Shiatsu workshop was to introduce different modalities into my practice along side with what I already know such as Swedish massage, to increase my credibility.

When I first took the Sennin-So Shiatsu Workshop, I thought I was going to be exposed to what I was familiar with when it comes to Shiatsu but when I experienced Sennin-So for the first time, it was not like any other modality that I have felt. The technique of the sewing machine rythm is so different compared to deep tissu and Swedish massage. The energy that runs through your body as you receive Sennin-So is electrifying!

Ever since I've learned Sennin-So Shiatsu, I have been practicing it for the last 5 years. It has given me more freedom in my schedule, more time with my friends and family, and it has also given me the uniqueness to stand out from all the other modalities being practiced in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

If you want to grow in your career or continue with massage, it will elevate the results of your clients. Take this workshop, you won't regret it.


23 Eki

I took the Sennin So Shiatsu workshop in Kailua, Kona Hawaii and it was mind blowing! It was very educational, informative, and life changing. It changed the way I think about the body and what Chi truly is. The flow of it and how it circulates through the body. Personally, I feel the positive affects on my body and it has impacted me so much. This is the only modality that I want to ever pursue in the future. I highly recommend that the young and old should take this workshop and learn about Sennin So Shiatsu and how it can transform you and your clients alike.


22 Eki

I first came across Sennin So Shiatsu as a volunteer to get Shiatsu from students at a workshop. Within seconds I knew this would be a part of my life forever. Now that I'm taking the Sennin So Shiatsu Workshop, I fully believe that I will fully incorporate it into my massage. Mahalo Nui Loa Adam & Sarah !!!


22 Eki

Hi, I'm Lillian C. I recently took a Sennin So Shiatsu workshop with Master Practitioner Adam Hewitt and I'm learning a new modality of this style of Shiatsu and I find it a veryinteresting concept of how this works. When I received this energetic body work, at first I had neck pain, sciatica, insomnia, arthritis in my hands from doing excess amounts of massage work for over 30 years and had trouble with my grip. Immediately after receiving Sennin So my neck mobility improved significantly, my sciatica was gone, the strength in my grip came back, and Master Adam didn't even have to stretch out my body to achieve it. I've never experienced anything so efficient or results even close to the efficacy that was achieved in one session. Energetically I've been burnt out for so long from my work but I feel revived after receiving one session. More than I have ever have with other modalities. I find it amazing! I hope to see this type of Sennin So Shiatsu become more well known within the community. Because of the amazing experience that I had, I have decided to receive this on a regular basis from the only practitioner on Kona, Hawaii island and plan to pursue learning more about this modality for my own knowledge.


10 Nis

I was fortunate to study under Adam at a workshop in Hawaii a few years ago. Watching him practice Shiatsu and the impact it had on my body as well as the other students was amazing! Sadly I had to move away from Hawaii so I wasn't able to do any other workshops he put on there. I plan on reaching out soon to talk about getting a workshop going in California! I would love to continue learning more about Sennin-So. I really want to continue growing in this art.

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