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The River Stone has online booking!  Made available by, the online setup is quick and easy.  You'll be able to pick whichever time the chosen practitioner has available and with a simple click of the button, you're on their books.  You'll also receive automatic reminders just in case life's tedious distractions throw you off course.

The River Stone Shiatsu
Sennin-So Shiatsu Session
A Sennin-So Shiatsu session is booked in 30-45 minute increments, depending on the practitioner.  While they are scheduled this way, this is a treatment not dictated by time, but by how the body opens and begins to heal.  It isn't rare for a session to only last around 25 minutes and have you still feeling absolutely rejuvenated.  A Sennin-So Shiatsu session isn't about working longer on the body, like a typical Swedish Massage.  As a Practitioner, our job is to release stagnant areas and then allow the body to continue the rest of the healing.  While shorter treatments do not come across as ideal in the world of healing, one session of Shiatsu will have you re-thinking that concept.
Treatment Cost:
"Intro to Shiatsu" Session -  $60-70*
Shiatsu Session -  $75-85
(Rates are based on each practitioner's individual experience and availability)
*Introductory rate is for new clients only.
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